From friendly dogs to wild bears, everyone loves at least one kind of animal. Cats, kangaroos, spiders, frogs, and even humans: We are all animals at heart, and something is fascinating in every creature. Many videos that can be found on the internet today revolve around our furry friends, and the extinction of endangered species releases many emotions.

It is easy to see why so many online pokie machines use it as a theme for their games because of its popularity. Whether you are talking about a specific animal species or an entire zoo, the animal kingdom is well represented in the online pokies world with some well-known games.

Most Popular Themed Online Pokies

Even today, there are the classic fruit-themed pokie machines, but at the same time, there are far more popular themes, often based on cultures of wealth and fortune. Here are some of the best.

These are the most popular themes for casino games:

Animal-themed Video Pokies
Fruit Video Pokies
Fantasy Video Pokies
Movie Video Pokies
Crime-themed Video Pokies

Which Pokie Machine theme is the Best?

The decision is yours! Apart from any questions about gameplay, rating, or software, the optimal theme will be your complete and utter personal preference.

If you are crazy about China, you should instead play a pokie with a Chinese theme – even if it might not have as attractive a design as another game. If you like Ireland, you can have a lot more fun in your casino with leprechaun games.

Besides the themes listed above, there are many more themed and branded pokies at online casinos, of which it is up to you to explore them all!

Naturally Impressive

Animals are a popular theme for game developers as they are easy to incorporate into a wide range of games. You can have a particular type of animal become the focus of a pokie – depict a few birds’ images, and you have a pokie that revolves around birds. But some variants pay out different winnings and represent groups of animals that reside in certain regions, landscapes, or climates. Or you can use animals as a kind of decoration for other themes.

From a game developer’s point of view, the good thing about this is that everyone knows what these symbols mean. It is always helpful if the characters are kept as universal as possible. That way, anyone can play a game from anywhere and know what’s going on in it. Almost every player can distinguish hundreds of different animals from pictures. Therefore, games based on nature are the easiest in the world – without the need for translation.

The Wild Animal Kingdom

The diversity that can be discovered in games about animals can also be found in nature. It’s hard to make a list of all these games because many pokies fall into this category. If you want to count every pokie machine with an animal in it, you will quickly come up with hundreds, if not thousands, of pokies.

Some game titles focus on specific animals like lions, tigers and bears, and many others. Many games are entertaining one way or another, and we have selected some games that are our favorites.

Mega Moolah (Microgaming): This may not be the most straightforward game title based on its name, but Mega Moolah features various African animals: From monkeys to elephants to lions, it’s all there. Why is there not a single animal mentioned in the title? The focus in this game is on the impressive progressive jackpot, as the pokie has already paid out millions (and even tens of millions) of dollars to some lucky winners.

OMG Kittens (WMS): Is there anything cuter than little kittens? These bundles of fur are full of energy and playful. So it’s easy to see why cats are the most popular pet in the US. This game is simply adorable, but don’t get distracted: there are some big wins, especially when you discover the game stars: Tiger, Bubbles, and Mr. Whiskers.

Untamed (Microgaming): Microgaming’s series of pokies covers some of the majestic creatures, and although each pokie is similar, each game title has been designed to bring out the temperament of each animal in an impressive way. Players can play with either a wolf pack, Bengal tiger, giant panda, or crowned eagle. Each pokie takes place in the animals’ natural home. With 243 ways to win on each game, there are plenty of chances to win.

Wolf Run (IGT): This innovative game from IGT was first spotted in real casinos but is also very popular online. It is a pokie with a Native American theme, with plenty of wolves and big wins – thanks to the Stacked Wilds. The latter were revolutionary in the online gaming world when the game was released. With a bonus round that makes it relatively easy to fill the screen with wild symbols, you’ll love surrounding yourself with wolves.


Nowadays, there are thousands of online pokie machines, and it is so complicated to find the right one. We divided all the pokies into themes so you can spend more time playing without wasting it trying to find the game you want. Enjoy yourself!